Behind The Lens


Jason Bosco

Head Photographer

Sara Bosco


What we do ...

We create an experience your family will remember for generations.

We are Syracuse wedding photographers Jason and Sara, a creative and enthusiastic photography team. We understand how weddings are very important and happy occasions not only to the newlyweds but to the friends and family as well. No one wants to forget a moment and this is exactly why we offer our services. We help people document their weddings by taking beautiful photographs throughout the entire occasion, capturing some of the most incredible moments.

We are professional and experienced wedding photographers who have all it takes to make your wedding photography dream come true. We take pride in our creativity, a feature that has been essential to our success in the industry.

When receiving their photographs, people are often very happy and this is one of the things that inspires the best in us. We work with our couples to create the day they have always dreamed of from the moment the dress goes on until the last dance of the night.